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This program contains: 

- 25 +  Art Tutorial Videos with individual access for each participants.


- Art Box  (Includes T-shirt -

Lettering notebook - Art materials.

Delivery to your home. 

- Contains Coloring pages from Artmaripop Book (10 Illustrations)

- 3 LIVE Classes per week.

- Surprise Activities every week..

- Gifts and Contests.

Programa TEENS (De 12 a 15 años)


TEENS Program ( 12-15 years) / Especialized Art program in virtual mode, teached in a creative and fun way.



Creative Drawing and Painting.

Crayon Resist.

Creative Steam

DIY Technique

Art and Recycle

Fashion Design

Pattern and Repetition

Coloring Techniques

Molding Clay Techniques 



Abstract Art



ZUMBA Fitness 

Zentangle Art


My Portfolio